''Minor key psychedelia in three minute bursts like reduced Shakespeare applied To Their Satanic Majesties Request, with flashes of prog rock...They summon shimmering misty green glades in Albion...fuzz bass sings on “Phantom Stranger.” “My Thursday Girl” is Brit Psyche in the Spring tradition, with synth flute. “For You To Know” is fuzzed out and sitarish, while “Your Love Or Hate” summons the ghost of the late great Spring...Brooding keyboards dominate “Dirty Alice Jones,” while the mini-suite “Firebyrd” dazzles...Nicely done psyche-pop here...''

MARIGOLD album review by Mike Baron, November, 2019

"...The Laissez Fairs return with this new LP on Rum Bar Records, and they perfectly recreate the shimmering apex of ’60s psychedelia. The opener "Long Grow The Marigolds" is flush with layered fuzz guitars and Farfisa organ, and it sets the tone. The standout "Phantom Stranger" has a sweet catchy rhythm as it jangles along, and the ballad "My Thursday Girl" is like early Bowie meets Brian Jones.

The band's general approach reminds me more of The Stones (especially on "Redundant Beach") than The Lemon Pipers...the music is consistently good..."

MARIGOLD album review by POWER POPAHOLIC, November 12, 2019

"...acid-drenched, with plenty of psychedelic effects and trappings combined with plenty of melodies."

This latest offering opens with "Long Grow the Marigolds", a song that moves fluidly from upbeat, garagey power chords to trippy, organ-drenched lysergic emanations. In "Phantom Stranger" they provide a nifty bit of Freak-Beat, "My Thursday Girl" is a sing-songy psych-ballad with Brian Jones-y touches, there's a bit of raga-rock and backwards guitars in "For You To Know", "Your Love or Hate" is a Donovan-esque psych number, there are some nicely heavy power chords dominating "Mr. Wryly", "Molly" is a quiet acoustic ballad and they return to some psych-flavored heaviness in "Redundant Beach".

They sound like they are traversing the looking glass in the poppy "Dirty Alice Jones", then get a little more rockin' for "Follow the Money" and "Firebyrd" starts off with some edge and then the microdot hits and it goes off into the stratosphere, "Crown Plaza" is kind of a George Harrison-styled folk/psych/pop, they float on clouds for the dreamy ballad "Remember Her", there's a reprise of sorts of the initial cut, this time appropriately titled "Marigolds Return", "Lillie May" is a cool mix of garage'n'psych and the whole sheebang closes with more late-60's-type psych in "We'll Get There Someday".

Nicely done psyche-pop here...

MARIGOLD album review by Rich Coffee, Rich's R'n'R Rants & Raves, September 9, 2019

"...while reading the very interesting interview in issue 74 of the "Dig It" fanzine I discovered the existence of this group from Las Vegas. Here they are with their 4th album (and 16 songs) that will do more than delight Garage Sixties fans!"

"First impression, first shock, THE SOUND: powerful, precise, chiseled, dense, complex ... Ideal to highlight these compositions, especially the most Psyche Sixties which abound with melodies, and harmonies swarming and lush!"

"Here is truly a record that sounds like a CLASSIC! Everything we've always loved in the Garage Revival + the most powerful Pop Sixties, with the beauty and talent of the time without sinking into pure rancid revivalism! ...THE GREAT CLASS!"

"Normally 16 songs is always too much... [but not so with] "Marigold"!!! ...All are composed, worked, interpreted ... with the same (very big) care. we are close to perfection. In any case not far from being the best disc of the semester... Throw it on, good god!"

MARIGOLD album review by VOIX DE GARAGE GRENOBLE (translated from the French via Google), July, 2019

"Las Vegas Psych mods The LAISSEZ FAIRS are back with this 16 song album (double album?) on Rum Bar Records. Opening song “Long Grow The Marigolds” brings you back to 60s psychedelism before “Phantom Stranger” will make you space dance! “My Thursday” Girl” has a bit of an early BOWIE vibe, “Mister Wryly” and “We’ll Get There Someday” have a bit of BAUHAUS in them and “Redundant Beach” is a good modern psych glam song. While the whole album definitely has its roots deep in the past, there’s also a modern approach to it in the songwriting and in the arrangements and that’s a big part of the band’s identity. The shadow of the VELVET UNDERGROUND also appears at times (“Dirty Alice Jones”, “Remember Her”) and the garage influences can mostly be heard in “Follow The Money” or in “Lillie May”, but rather than describing and comparing, just take a trip with The LAISSEZ FAIRS!"

Marigold reviewed in Veglam, July, 2019

Imagine writing down all your favourite things about both compilations of Swingng ‘60s rarities and the neo-psychedelic revival of the ‘80s. Then imagine that list coming to life, turning into new music. You don’t have to do that, actually, because it would probably sound a lot like a Laissez Fairs record.

The band led by John Fallon (ex-Steppes) and Joe Lawless follows last year’s excellent EMPIRE OF MARS with the even more absorbing and flowing MARIGOLD. All golden ages connections considered, you would probably expect wistful nostalgia, uh? Far from it, really.

The sound of MARIGOLD is nimble and contagiously spirited. On “Phantom Stranger” paisley meets groovy Bowie-isms. “Redundant Beach” sounds like an unreleased Robyn Hitchcock gem, while “My Thursday Girl” and “Molly” take us on pastoral trips. Sure, “Long Grow The Marigolds” and “Lillie May” could have been classics in any of our favourite eras: but they’re killer cuts of today, and that’s what really matters.

MARIGOLD album review by Camilla Aisa, Shindig! Magazine, August , 2019

I just finished listening to the new Laissez Fairs ‘Marigold’ long player and needless to say, it was refreshing to hear a current group produce a sound unheard of since the Barrett-era Pink Floyd. This doesn’t surprise me however, since I know leader-singer-songwriter-guitarist John Fallon, and know his outlook on music--and how important it is to him (and his band). As with his former group, the Steppes, he goes full force with detail and authenticity. The songs, instruments used, delivery, production, fidelity and mastering are all on par with that of the Satanic-Era Stones and Revolver-era Beatles. The Laissez Fairs are miles above and beyond the endless barrage of posers, fakes, losers and wannabes that litter what is left of the modern day retro-psych scene. If you long for the long lost Barrett-Floyd sound look no further. I guarantee that ‘Marigold’ will soon be a ‘go to’ album in your collection.
MARIGOLD album review by Greg Prevost (The Chesterfield Kings), Facebook, August 7, 2019

As we get older we often spend time trying to recapture things that have been lost in the past. The taste of a first kiss, the innocence of falling in love for the first time, the excitement of playing rock and roll in a garage with your friends, the way cash felt in your hand the first time you got paid. As musicians, many of us also trying to recapture things that were lost from the golden age of pop, the British invasion, and the sounds of Motown, Stax and Sun records. The Laissez Fairs new album "Marigold" on Rum Bar Records does just that, and does it very well, weaving melodies, guitar, organ and harmonies through a tapestry of hook-filled songs that recall the glory days of garage rock and British Invasion while tinged with 1967 era Psychedelia. The song writing is catchy and delivers fully while the production is executed masterfully. Excellent job, gentlemen.
MARIGOLD album review by Luke Metz (Shanda and The Howlers), Facebook, August 7, 2019

Lille May single reviewed in Shindig! Magazine, issue 82 (August, 2018)
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The Laissez Fairs featured in Shindig! Magazine, issue 77 (March, 2018) along with a review of Empire Of Mars

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were just starting to evolve into psychedelia – not yet full on acid casualties."
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"one helluva ride... The Laissez Fairs have crafted an extremely good psyche-pop album here."
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The Laissez Fairs, playing The Bunkhouse Saloon, as announced in Las Vegas Weekly magazine, September 28, 2017
"From the jangling, fuzzy guitar licks to the vintage mod aesthetic,
...feels like the closest thing Las Vegas has to an actual time machine."
Las Vegas Weekly magazine, September 28, 2017

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